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Loan Modification

Rancho Cucamonga Loan Modification Attorney

Nguyen Law Group Can Work with Your Mortgage Lender

Are you afraid that the foreclosure process may start soon and you may lose your house? If so, you need to hire Nguyen Law Group as soon as possible. If you have fallen behind on mortgage payments, a loan modification may be a solution that will relieve your financial worries. This may allow you and your family to stay in your home at an affordable mortgage payment.

Once a complete mortgage loan modification application is submitted to your lender, this stops the foreclosure process immediately. You can then stay in your home while a solution is being worked out. We have successfully obtained many loan modifications for our clients so that they can stay in their home at a payment they can actually afford.

Our Rancho Cucamonga bankruptcy lawyer has years of experience serving clients across the area who are in need of serious financial relief. Contact our law firm today to learn more.

How Can a Loan Modification Help You?

Loan modifications are a powerful foreclosure defense tool. You can modify the terms of your loan to be more affordable during your current financial hardships.

A loan modification may allow you to:

  • Put a hold on or prevent the foreclosure process
  • Obtain a reduction on your principal balance
  • Secure lower interest rates
  • Reduce the amount of your monthly mortgage payments

We have successfully obtained many loan modifications for our clients. We have a thorough understanding of mortgage law, the lending process, and how to work with mortgage lenders, so our clients are confident in our skill and track record.

Why Hire a Loan Modification Lawyer?

Only an experienced lawyer for home loan modifications can assist you with your available options. We have worked with all of the major mortgage lenders and many of the smaller lenders, so we are familiar with the various intricacies, procedures, and unique challenges facing our clients. We help our clients to save money, stress, and time so that they can focus on living their life as normally as possible.

We handle the loan modification process from beginning to end without compromising on giving each client personalized attention to detail. As the middleman between you and your mortgage lender, we provide strong advocacy on every borrower's behalf. The loan modification can take several months, and we are with you every step of the way.

Our attorneys will analyze your financial situation, submit a strong application, and monitor the entire process for you. We communicate frequently with you so you stay up to date with the status of your application.

What Can Nguyen Law Group Do for You?

If your monthly payments are overwhelming, your income has dramatically changed, or you are behind on payments, we can help you. The professionals at our firm so that we can educate you on the options available for saving your home. We can work directly with your lender to find a satisfying solution.

We answer all phone calls and emails within 24 hours, so don't hesitate to contact us today. Our bankruptcy attorneys can help you with the loan modification process in the Santa Ana area from our local office.

Call a Rancho Cucamonga bankruptcy attorney at Nguyen Law Group at (909) 328-6280 today to discuss loan modifications during a free initial consultation.

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