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  • Can I File Bankruptcy if I'm Unemployed?

    If you’re unemployed and your monthly obligations exceed your financial resources, you may be feeling the “squeeze” right about now. If you’ve fallen far behind on your monthly debts, there’s a good chance that you’re running out of options. Now you’re wondering, “Can I file bankruptcy even though I’m unemployed?” You are not required to have a job to file for bankruptcy relief. In many ...
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  • How Living Trusts Avoid Probate

    If you’re thinking about creating an estate plan , we’re willing to bet that you prefer to give as much money as possible to your spouse, children, or other heirs, such as your favorite non-profit organizations or charities. You probably don’t want a big chunk of your estate to be used for probate court fees and attorney fees. This is where a living trust enters into the equation. Trusts help ...
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  • Can I Discharge Student Loan Debt in Bankruptcy?

    As a bankruptcy law firms, clients tend to ask us the same questions over and over and one of the questions we get a lot is, “Can I discharge my student loan debt in bankruptcy?” The answer – it depends. Unfortunately, most Chapter 7 and 13 filers will not be able to discharge their student loan debt through bankruptcy, but there are exceptions. If you’re hoping to discharge your student loan debt ...
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  • What is an Advanced Health Care Directive?

    In life, a lot of unexpected things can happen, which can affect us physically and mentally. We can be in a serious car accident and sustain a traumatic brain injury. We can be diagnosed with cancer. We can unexpectedly develop a debilitating disease, such as Multiple Sclerosis, or Parkinson’s Disease, or we can develop Alzheimer’s. Even if you are in excellent health, you’ll age eventually and ...
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  • Stopping Creditors Dead in Their Tracks

    When a debtor cannot afford to pay their debts, their creditors have a variety of legal options to try and collect the debts. For the debtor, this can mean letters in the mail, continuous phone calls, wage garnishments, liens, and the seizing of the funds in their bank account among other enforcement actions. As things snowball, the debtor can find themselves afraid to pick up the phone, and ...
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  • Disinheriting a Spouse in California

    To disinherit someone is to take specific steps to ensure they do not inherit any of your estate after you die. For a son or daughter for example, you can disinherit them by excluding them from your will or by clearly stating in your will that you do not want him or her to receive any portion of your estate. But what about spouses? Sometimes people wish to disinherit their spouses ; it’s not ...
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  • Are You Financially Literate?

    You’re probably familiar with the term “literacy,” but you may have heard of a different, but similar term called “financial literacy.” The goal behind financial literacy is to develop a strong understanding, a firm grasp, of the basic concepts governing personal finances. When one becomes financially literate, they are in a better position to handle their money. According to financial guru and ...
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  • About California Probate

    It is difficult when a family loses a loved one. Not only are they dealing with the heartbreak and the loss, but the decedent’s heirs must learn how to properly transfer their loved one’s assets and property. To accomplish this task, the family must go to court. It may seem like all you need is a death certificate, but that’s hardly the case. Transferring a decedent’s property is a very ...
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  • Rebuilding Credit After Bankruptcy

    For those considering Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy, many feel that filing the papers in bankruptcy court means a financial death sentence, but if a debtor plays their cards right, this is hardly the case. When most people file bankruptcy , their credit has already taken a hard hit. One look at their credit report, and they have 30, 60 or 90-day lates, chargeoffs, accounts sent to ...
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  • What Is the Best Credit Card If You Have Bad or No Credit?

    If you are fortunate enough to have earned a high credit score, choosing the credit card that is right for you probably means sifting through the dozens of preapproved options you are sent weekly. However, if you have bad credit, or no credit at all, your pool of options is likely much smaller. Below, we explain how to find the right credit card if you have bad or no credit history. WalletHub , a ...
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  • How Do I Revoke a Will?

    Are you considering revoking your will ? If so, you’re likely concerned about “doing it right.” After all, if you don’t revoke your existing will properly, it could be legally enforceable. Meaning, your property can get into the wrong hands after you pass away – and you don’t want that. If you’re like most people, you’ve heard that the best way to revoke a will is to burn it, shred it, or tear it ...
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  • Bankruptcy Mistakes to Avoid

    If you’ve decided to file bankruptcy or if you’re seriously thinking about it, you want to do whatever it takes to ensure a smooth and efficient experience. Remember, during the filing process you’re dealing with the federal bankruptcy laws; therefore, you do not want to make a mistake that will bar you from enjoying bankruptcy relief. “Do people really make bankruptcy mistakes?” It happens all ...
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  • Is an Inherited IRA Protected from Creditors?

    If you intend to create an estate plan , one which leaves assets to your children, grandchildren, or other beneficiaries, you probably prefer to see those assets go directly to your beneficiaries and not to their creditors. That said, are inherited IRAs protected from your beneficiary’s creditors? As of June 2014, not anymore. In June of 2014, the Supreme Court ruled that inherited IRAs are no ...
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  • Can Child Support Be Included in Bankruptcy?

    If you owe child support arrears you may be wondering, “Can I wipe out my child support debt through bankruptcy ?” We decided to dedicate a post to this subject because it comes up a lot. While Chapter 7 and 13 bankruptcy can impact many types of debts, legislators decided that child support was too important to erase in a bankruptcy. Read on as we go into further detail. Let’s say you file a ...
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  • Does Divorce Disinherit a Spouse?

    If divorce wasn’t so complicated, especially financially speaking, more people would probably get a divorce. When spouses dissolve their marriage, they have to figure out what to do with their auto loans, mortgage, joint credit cards, real estate property, investments, retirement accounts and so on. Understandably, it can all get overwhelming. If you’re going through a divorce, you’re probably ...
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