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Recent Posts in Wills Category

  • Disinheriting a Spouse in California

    To disinherit someone is to take specific steps to ensure they do not inherit any of your estate after you die. For a son or daughter for example, you can disinherit them by excluding them from your will or by clearly stating in your will that you do not want him or her to receive any portion of your estate. But what about spouses? Sometimes people wish to disinherit their spouses ; it’s not ...
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  • About California Probate

    It is difficult when a family loses a loved one. Not only are they dealing with the heartbreak and the loss, but the decedent’s heirs must learn how to properly transfer their loved one’s assets and property. To accomplish this task, the family must go to court. It may seem like all you need is a death certificate, but that’s hardly the case. Transferring a decedent’s property is a very ...
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  • How Do I Revoke a Will?

    Are you considering revoking your will ? If so, you’re likely concerned about “doing it right.” After all, if you don’t revoke your existing will properly, it could be legally enforceable. Meaning, your property can get into the wrong hands after you pass away – and you don’t want that. If you’re like most people, you’ve heard that the best way to revoke a will is to burn it, shred it, or tear it ...
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  • Does Divorce Disinherit a Spouse?

    If divorce wasn’t so complicated, especially financially speaking, more people would probably get a divorce. When spouses dissolve their marriage, they have to figure out what to do with their auto loans, mortgage, joint credit cards, real estate property, investments, retirement accounts and so on. Understandably, it can all get overwhelming. If you’re going through a divorce, you’re probably ...
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