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I Have a Wage Garnishment - What Can I Do?

You arrive at work one day and suddenly your employer or manager gives you some paperwork saying that they have to start garnishing your wages. You panic and freak out. That lawsuit you ignored, or sometimes didn’t even know about, is coming back to haunt you now. You’re not sure what to do, but you do know that you definitely cannot afford to have any of your hard-earned paycheck be taken from you.

A wage garnishment, also called a wage attachment, is an order from a court or the government, that instructs your employer to take a certain amount of money from your paycheck. In California, up to 25% of your gross paycheck can be withheld. That money is then sent to the person or entity who sued you and obtained a judgment against you. Oftentimes, the creditor is a credit card company or a car finance company pursuing you after a repossession. Wages may also be garnished for back income taxes you owe or for child support.

Obviously, most people cannot afford to have their wages garnished. The quickest and guaranteed way to stop the garnishment immediately, is to file for bankruptcy protection. Once a bankruptcy is filed, the wage garnishment must stop immediately. The debt that you owe is then wiped out through your bankruptcy. If you have a wage garnishment, you may have other old debts that you forgot about. The bankruptcy will wipe out those debts as well.

Nguyen Law Group has helped hundreds of individuals stop wage garnishments. Nothing is scarier than having your money taken from you, and we know exactly how to calm you down and stop the garnishment. We have filed many “Emergency” bankruptcies so that the garnishment stops immediately,before any money is ever taken from you. We expedite the filing process for you. Contact Nguyen Law Group now to schedule your free consultation.