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I've Been Sued - What Can I Do?

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You were recently served with a lawsuit. A stranger showed up at your door, informed you that have been served, and then gave you some paperwork that said one of your old credit card companies is suing you. You feel shocked, embarrassed, angry…and then scared. What can you do? What’s going to happen? You can barely even remember having this credit card, and you thought the account had long been closed.

This scenario is happening everyday across Rancho Cucamonga and the Inland Empire. But don’t worry and don’t panic. Take a deep breath. Before your wages are garnished or your bank account levied, the creditor still must complete several legal steps before obtaining a judgment against you. Upon being served with the lawsuit, you have 30 days to answer it. If the account isn’t yours or you believe that you have already paid the debt, you have a defense. However, most of the time, you did incur that debt and you do owe that money, so you don’t really have a defense. If you don’t have a defense, then you really don’t need to waste your time or money answering the lawsuit or hiring a lawyer to help you.

If you don’t respond to the lawsuit after the 30 days, the creditor can apply for a default judgment against you. However, this only happens if the creditor is on top of the deadlines, which most of the time does not happen. Once the default judgment is applied for and received, you still have more time. You have 30 additional days to resolve the debt before the creditor can start trying to collect on that judgment, either by garnishing wages, levying your bank account, or putting a lien on your house. Remember, all this happens IF the creditor stay on top of deadlines, which RARELY happens.

We offer free consultations so that you are informed and know your rights. If you have other debts, filing for bankruptcy might be the best option for you. Once your bankruptcy is filed, you have bankruptcy protection and the creditor must stop going after you. Speak to our experienced Rancho Cucamonga bankruptcy lawyer today and make sure your hard-earned money is protected.

The bottom line is that you are served with a lawsuit, DO NOT PANIC. Contact us at Nguyen Law Group and we can answer your questions, guide you through this process, and make sure your hard-earned money is not taken from you.

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