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Are You Being Sued by Creditors?

The last thing you need when you are fighting an uphill battle against debt problems is for one of your creditors to file a lawsuit against you. You’re already struggling just to try to keep up with your bills, and now you have to worry about fighting a court battle. Fortunately, even if you’re overwhelmed with debt, you still have options for fighting back if a creditor sues you.

What Should I Do If I’m Sued by a Creditor?

If you are facing lawsuit from one creditor, depending on your financial situation, it is probably the first of many. Still, even if that is the case, and even if you’re up to your eyebrows in debt, you have options available that may be able to help you overcome your legal problems. Here are a few tips for what you should do if you’re sued by a creditor:

  • Don’t try to avoid getting served. Even if you try to avoid being served with the lawsuit, the court will more than likely just consider you as being properly served.
  • Don’t ignore the lawsuit. If you are sued by a creditor, you should not ignore it. If you don’t respond, the court will probably just issue a judgment against you in favor of the creditor.
  • Don’t miss the deadline to respond. If you miss the deadline to respond after being served a lawsuit, the court will likely issue a judgment against you in favor of the creditor.
  • Meet with an experienced bankruptcy lawyer as soon as you are served. A bankruptcy attorney will be able to examine your case, determine your best options, and help you fight back against a creditor’s lawsuit.

How Can Bankruptcy Help If I’m Sued by a Creditor?

One of the benefits of filing for bankruptcy is that it can shield you from several types of lawsuits, most notably creditor lawsuits. The reason for this is because when a debtor files for bankruptcy, an automatic stay goes into effect. An automatic stay immediately stops creditors from continuing with any type of collection activity, including lawsuits.

Set Up a Free Initial Consultation with an Experienced Bankruptcy Lawyer

If you are struggling with debt, even if you haven’t been sued by a creditor yet, the day may be approaching when you will. Don’t wait for that day to come. Speak with a bankruptcy lawyer now and kickstart the process of repairing your finances before things get worse.

At Nguyen Law Group, our experienced bankruptcy attorney and legal staff are sincerely committed to helping individuals and families break free from an unforgiving debt cycle. Most people face financial problems at some point in their lives. It is nothing to be embarrassed about, and in many cases, it’s not really their fault. From unfair interest rates to over-the-top medical expenses, the world is set up to create financial issues for people. Bankruptcy provides people who are down on their luck with the opportunity to regain control of their finances and their lives.

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